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5 Reasons to Use WriteCheck for a Grammar Check


ETS® e-rater® technology


Instant results


Affordable - no contracts


Easy to see what needs to be corrected


All in one check for grammar, spelling, etc.

Check for Grammar Mistakes

Before turning in your paper to your instructor, a final check for grammar and spelling will ensure that your paper is well-written and ready to be graded. WriteCheck has partnered with leading education assessment organization, ETS, to provide students with the best technology for checking grammar and other writing traits.

WriteCheck Grammar Checker

Fast feedback on grammar, spelling & word usage

  • Once you upload a paper to WriteCheck, your writing will be checked for grammar, spelling, usage and mechanics.
  • The e-rater engine identifies writing errors and helps students become better writers.

Easy to understand results

  • Within seconds of uploading your paper, you will get a user-friendly view of results, including explanations of possible errors and feedback for how to improve sentences or phrases.
  • Instantly identify any writing that needs to be corrected. WriteCheck preserves your paper in its original form so you can make changes quickly.

Same technology as on the GRE® and TOEFL® tests taken by millions of students

  • Check your paper for errors with the best grammar checking technology available.
  • Trust the leaders – Use the same writing evaluation technology used to score the GRE and TOEFL student tests.
  • 400,000+ students have signed up with WriteCheck to check for grammar mistakes, and 9 out of 10 users are happy with the results.

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