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Creative Writing: Getting Noticed

Creative writers have incredible opportunities for exposure today. The internet has opened up a vast market for creative writers by allowing them to host their own websites, blogs, and to self-publish and publish in online publications. Creative writing contests also are available for anyone who wishes to enter. Networking is very important for creative writers as it can open doors to all of these possibilities and more.

For the beginner, keeping a journal is a great way to collect ideas for writing creatively. If a good idea comes while the writer is not near their journal, a smartphone that offers a notes app will serve. New authors should experiment with different forms of creative writing. Some people enjoy creating poetry, while others are more comfortable with short stories. The new writer should visit writers' websites and blogs for inspiration. A website is easy to build and they are often free. Beginning writers can share their first masterpieces with friends and family and then, eventually, the world!

Entering a writing contest can be fun. The possibility of winning is exhilarating! Contests can be found in writing publications and on the web. Rules and others specifics are available from the hosts. Good luck!

Networking online is an effective way to discover what others are writing about, and how they get noticed. Linkedin is a networking site that offers a multitude of networking circles. The writer simply creates a profile and asks to join the groups that he or she is interested in.

For creative writers who want to avoid finding an agent or publisher, self-publishing could be a viable option. Many self-publishing companies offer services. An author can publish first and subsequent novels through services such as Kindle Direct Publishing.

For writers who have a journalistic streak, online newsfeeds offer a great outlet. Passing the muster with an editor may be necessary. The author should read the publication to understand what kind of material the editors are accepting. Some of these online publications offer small remuneration, but the experience and exposure is payment enough. One possibility is

Finding an outlet for one's creativity can be encouraging. Opportunities for creative writers abound. The author can choose to showcase work through various venues. The key is to network with other creative writers to find new outlets and new creative ideas.

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